Put your survival cap on! 0.3.9 is Live!

Mind the Vikings just got a whole lot harder!

When you log on in the new update, you can enjoy the threat of freezing, and revel at the idea of your tools breaking, both of which make your vikings VERY happy. (not really) amongst other new things!

Freezing: The cold is now a much bigger problem, don’t forget the firewood!
Tools: Broken tools is now a thing, if you let your vikings work with broken tools, they’re not gonna be happy.
Workshop - You now have much more control over the type of tooling you provide to your vikings
Fences: Decorate your city with fences!
A new option for toggling music
A new option for toggling smooth dragging

Bug fixes:
Gatherer’s now don’t interrupt their own gathering, and will walk to new bushes when the current one is depleted
When loading an old game, vikings don’t move into already occupied houses
Fixed issue where the farm would load several times
Increased the radius at which the woodchoppers deliver firewood
Viking leveling up is slightly easier for some proffesions
Changed workshop to only require miner level 3
Changed icons for roads and gates.
Vikings with multiple traits can now be both positive and negative, instead of choosing only one.
Changed icon for firewood
Added durability progress bar for tools
Camera now pivots closer to the actual camera when zoomed in completely.
Camera pitch should now pivot much more linearly than before
Fixed a bug where the vertices under the dirt tiles where saved multiple times that would eventually lead to a crash.


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Version 12 Jan 14, 2018
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Version 10 Jan 14, 2018

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