Mind the Vikings Patch V0.3.7

Here comes two major features a week before steam early access launch! Good idea? NO. Do it anyway? HECK YEAH.



  • Chatting: Vikings now recognize the existence of other vikings - MINDBLOWING

This changes the gameplay quite a lot, it adds a layer of social complexity to the game, and its just a taste of what's to come later!

  • Proper Farms - No more ugly box farms that all too often float in the air

Now you can shape your farms as you wish. It also changes the gameplay role of the farm. It's no longer an obvious upgrade from gathering, as it is MUCH slower to grow actual crops from seed to food. But in the long run it should be a good investment.

  • Summon viking button You can now summon vikings from valhalla by giving up some hard earned resources
  • Flattened the landscape Building villages should be much easier now with more horizontal landscape. Mountains will have to make a comeback later in another form!
  • Added the Archway decoration
  • Added lots of new male meshes, DIVERSITY
  • Changed icons for house and storage
  • Changed the credit screen a bit

Bug fixes:

  • Time stop bug fixed - handling the main menu is now more reliable without getting you stuck in the nether
  • Much better outline tool with multiple colors
  • Vikings no longer get stuck on resources when walking
  • Forest ambience sound is now louder, while horn is less obnoxious


MindTheVikings-64.zip 244 MB
Version 11 Dec 28, 2017
MindTheVikings-32.zip 223 MB
Version 9 Dec 28, 2017

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