Mind the Vikings Patch V0.3.6

*Note* A big THANK YOU to AresOlympian who donated 200$ to us. It means a LOT, and will help us develop the game without stressing too much about money! :)

Summary: Fixed memory leak, added cinematic mode, and a slew of other bug fixes! One of the last patches before steam early access!


  • Added cinematic mode (C button)
  • Added cheat buttons, but they're hard to find ;)


  • Trees no longer spontaniously jump into the air and stay there
  • save game is now activated when clicking on "new save game" rather than when you name your save game.
  • you can now shift click when using the flattening tool to flatten several times
  • Woodchopper now levels up, i promise it's fixed this time!
  • Flattening land now longer makes some trees immune to everything
  • Fixed a bleeding lag issue that made it hard to play the game past 10-20 minutes
  • fixed an issue where all fixings would drop below ground
  • Improved the nav mesh calculations to make sure vikings don't end up not knowing what to do
  • Resources no longer go into negative numbers when worked on
  • Gatherer's now care more about mushrooms
  • Chance of gaining vikings past day 10 is vastly improved
  • Vikings now are appropriately content when the mood indicator says so
  • Some stuff that was supposed to be invisible is now appropriately invisible
  • Music no longer stops playing all together if you've been in the game more than 10 minutes
  • Bigger resources now give more resources compared to small ones


MindTheVikings-64.zip 244 MB
Version 7 Dec 16, 2017
MindTheVikings-32.zip 223 MB
Version 6 Dec 16, 2017

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Hi there ! :) it's a great little game so far ! ^^ 

I have a minor issue to report : since the last update, I can save the game but then the "save game" window doesn't close. And there's no "red cross" button to shut it down so i'm stuck with it. I tried right click, didn't work.  Also tried the Esc button but doesn't work neither. And when I want to exit to main menu etc, doesn't work ! I had to Alt F4 to quit the game every time I just wanted to save it. 

That's all :) Merry christmas everyone :)

Hello Coco! Thank you for your feedback! Your issue is not at all minor, that's a really big one and we'll get to work on it asap. You can expect a patch in the days between christmas and new years eve that adresses this issue. 

Merry Christmas Coco, I hope that you still had a good time with our game despite the bugs :)