Mind the Vikings Patch V0.3.5

Alright! This week's patch is our biggest patch so far! We added everything from performance increases (up to 100% increase!) to trait revamping (pyromaniacs!) to mushrooms and new tools to new meshes for the rocks and storage!

WARNING: previous save games might be corrupted with this patch!


  1. Viking traits have been revamped!

    • The pyromaniac

      • The pyromaniac loves fire, don't get on its bad side ;)

    • slow & fast

      • Having a slow gatherer and a fast farmer is not ideal now is it?

    • weak & strong

      • Strong vikings enjoy hacking stones, while weak ones could live without it.

    • energetic & lazy

      • Energetic vikings can work all day, but lazy vikings might prefer relaxing

    • resilient & sensitive

      • Resilient vikings can weather any hardships, but sensitive ones might need some comforting.

  2. 50-100% increased performance across the board!

    1. Hopefully this patch alleviates a lot of performance issues some of you had, and generally makes the game much more playable for all.

  3. Added mushrooms!

  4. Vikings now hold proper tools!

    1. Most vikings no longer "pretend" to work with air-tools, now they have proper tools to work with! :)

  5. Added a resource profile page when you hover over a resource

  6. Better foundation for houses

  7. Common vikings now have 1 personality trait, rare's have 2, epic's have 3

  8. Revamped the entire spawn system of resources, it might not look better as of today, but it's a much better base to stand on for the future!

  9. Storage mesh has been replaced

  10. Stone meshes have been replaced

  11. You can now delete save games from the main menu

  12. Added confirmation prompt to save overwrite and deletion

  13. Town hall shows an ? when you have an available recruit instead of !


  1. Vikings no longer randomly dissapear

  2. Loading a saved game no longer locks your researched buildings amonst other issues

  3. Wind and nature sound is now tied to the camera-distance-to-ground to make it sound better

  4. Fixed rebellion warning showing constantly

  5. Movement and rotation of camera is the same no matter what your fps is

  6. Vikings can now walk on flattened ground

  7. Fixed issue with non terraforming buildings deleting resources

  8. Added level up and + home notifications

  9. Camera no longer passes through the ground when moving to vikings on higher ground

  10. Vikings no longer rebuild houses that other vikings have already built

  11. Vikings no longer sometimes get stuck building when it has already been finished

  12. Vikings no longer walk INTO rocks to mine it

  13. Music no longer overwrites itself

  14. Fixed scaling issues with house and storage

  15. Cursor no longer covers some tooltips, added more

  16. Changed so that vikings don't look for a specific dropoff point at building (led to not being able to dropoff in some instances)

  17. Fixed mood going over 100

  18. Fixed so farmland flattens slightly

  19. Fixed woodchopper level up fix

  20. Fixed firewood dropoff not showing

  21. Fixed firewood not showing on house

  22. Viking list shows right color for happy mood

  23. Made ! on mood More attention-grabbing

  24. Rarity efficiency now shows when on recruit screen


MindTheVikings-64.zip 244 MB
Version 6 Dec 10, 2017
MindTheVikings-32.zip 223 MB
Version 5 Dec 10, 2017

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