​​Mind the Vikings Patch V0.3.4

Mind the Vikings Patch V0.3.4

Hey!, here’s a small hotfix to patch some critical issues with the save game and viking navigation, as well as some less critical but very needed bug fixes.

Bug fixes:

Vikings have a much better navigation system, which results in them getting stuck and lost way less

Game no longer crashes when saving a previous save-game

Accepting a viking too quickly no longer breaks the game

Vikings that are declined no longer haunt you inside the town hall

Vikings no longer get confused when they have no way to reach their goal

Houses will lock the terrain below itself so that they won’t be left floating if changes to the terrain is made

Fire no longer stays in the air when a building has been destroyed from either a rebellion or when using the remove tool


MindTheVikings-64.zip 244 MB
Version 5 Nov 30, 2017
MindTheVikings-32.zip 223 MB
Version 4 Nov 30, 2017

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