Mind the Vikings Patch V0.3.3

Here comes thy fixes! We’ve been working hard putting out fires that you guys have reported, hopefully this helps give you a smoother experience. We’ve also improved on some features like the save and load, road and building system. And last but not least added tons of new animations! :D

Features added:

Better save / load system

Animations added:

Chop wood

Mine stone


Walking improved




Some UI prettifying

Buildings generally don’t conform the terrain anymore. Use the flatten tool to make space for bigger buildings

You can now connect houses you build to roads by hovering close to one. This enables you to build more organic looking cities!

The game is now pausable by entering the exit screen

Right-clicking now closes option screen, credits, building menu, tool menu and viking menu

Rarity and Mood is now shown on the viking overview

Can now click on the name of the viking in the overview to focus on them

Added average mood for all vikings in the overview page

Bug fixes:

Vikings no longer loose their will to work randomly

Game stays in fullscreen throughout all menus

Save / Load doesnt break your game anymore (hopefully)

Mood tool-tip doesnt flicker anymore

Traits and title text’s don’t cut off if they are too long anymore

Focused viking is now automatically selected

Options and Credit screen now close when the other one is opened

Building roads now works as intended all the time

Clicking on the “house” button now always works as intended

Fixed the spawn location for the camera

Björn was renamed to Bjorn because he was not deserving of a true viking name.

Vikings don’t get stuck on big rocks anymore


MindTheVikings-64.zip 244 MB
Version 2 Nov 29, 2017
MindTheVikings-32.zip 223 MB
Version 2 Nov 29, 2017

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