Mind the Vikings Patch V0.3.1

Patch notes V.0.3.1

Hello people! We’ve been working our butts off these last 5 days, and here comes the first patch. It should fix the biggest and worst bugs, as well as adding some much requested features such as the Viking List, so it’s a lot easier to track your vikings.

Features added:

Viking List added - keep track of all your vikings from one big list

Camera focus on vikings - click F or button on viking list to focus your camera on selected viking

Vikings now have a “building” animation when building houses

Added autosave

Vikings now have randomized traits

Epic now has +100% efficiency, and Rare has +50% efficiency

Houses now display which vikings live there

The game has been balanced a little bit to not brutaly destroy you in the beginning

You can now assign a builder to an unconstructed building by dragging a viking to it

Increased max zoom-in limit

You can now see how many vikings you have, compared to amount of houses in the viking list

Bug fixes:

Viking Graveyard mystery has been solved

Motorcycle bug has been fixed

Save and load now works as intended

Vikings now try to avoid walking into houses

New vikings have a “new” icon, instead of the “!” icon

Dragging a viking is now much more intuitive

Fixed inverted camera rotation

Vikings no longer hate working at farms

Vikings standing around gathering in thin air bug has been fixed

Vikings can no longer hunt berry bushes, appropriately renamed everywhere to gatherer

Increased max worker limit on lumberyard

Game doesnt spam “need food” message all the time when on low food


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Version 2 Nov 22, 2017

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will there be a 32bit version????

Well try to put it up on Friday with a hot fix that we are planning. Thank you for your feedback! 

We have a 32-bit version ready, would you mind downloading it and testing it out? :) We don't have any 32 bit computers so otherwise im just going to have to run around and ask strangers ^^

32-bit version is out! :)