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We are developing a viking city building game, that takes a lot of inspiration from The Sims. Basically we want to focus more on the individuals, rather than trying to create a massive city. Think Banished merged with The Sims, with vikings.

Currently, the game is in alpha, which means LOTS of bugs! And very incomplete content-wise. We want to put it out early for feedback, and really have time to implement it. If you try our game and have feedback, please contact me at any of the places below, I'm available 24/7 for feedback so just hit me up and we'll talk!

For feedback and bug-reports, feel free to contact me at any time 24/7 at simon.otanu@gmail.com, hi@mindthevikings.com on facebook, or,  join our discord channel.

I'd estimate the game is about 30% done. We are going to spend the next 2-3 weeks fixing bugs, and polishing the AI, after that we are going to follow the roadmap below. However, if we receive any critical feedback, we will adapt the road-map to align with said feedback.


Going forward, this is what we want to add to the game:


During Alpha we give the game away for free, because we can't justify selling a buggy mess, even less can we justify having players pay to be our QA testers. 

When we feel more comfortable charging a fee for the game we will launch on Steam Early Access (postponed to early January) and gradually increase the price there and here to correlate with the amount of content. We are considering a price range starting at 10$ going up to 16$ in that period.


Buy Now$10.99 USD or more

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